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UCoustic Soundproof Cabinets

UCoustic Soundproof Cabinets
The UCoustic Cabinet is ever evolving and deleloping new technology. To keep abreast of these latest developments, visit our website.
  • Independently tested by ?MIRA? Test Laboratories (Sound Power Measurement in accordance with ISO3744)
  • 7.2kW heat dissipation on active 9210 cabinets
  • The UCoustic? 9210 Cabinet is compatible with all leading server brands including blade servers
  • Passive and Active Models available with 7.2kw heat dissipation on Active Model
  • Floor standing and wall mounted versions available
  • Patent pending design
  • Enables servers and network equipment to be located in high density office environments
  • Reduction in ambient nose is so notable that staff efficient and communication is dramatically improved
  • Help to achieve Heath and Safety work environments nose regulations
  • Outperforms all other sound proof cabinets on the market
The UCoustic? Range is primarily designed, and produced to be a state of the art sound proof cabinet which it achieves with ease; but also has the benefit of meeting demands required for a complete all round communications enclosure, without compromise to its world class acoustic or thermal performances. For the uninitiated 28.5dBA is a massive noise reduction to achieve from a 19? Enclosure and to achieve this USystems have invested heavily in research and development, utilising state of the art technology and included the latest most effective acoustic materials available. This amazing noise reduction has been achieved without compromise to cooling the active equipment housed within. In fact the UCoustic? 9210 not only out performs all other 19? enclosures in noise reduction but also in thermal capacity by achieving a staggering 7.2kw of heat dissipation.
UCoustic 9210 Cabinet

UCoustic 9210 Cabinet

Available in three heights, 12U, 24U and 42U, 780mm wide and 1100mm deep the UCoustic 9210 cab comes in two variants, Active and Passive. The Active is designed to deal with higher heat loads and comes complete with variable fsn speed controlled and temperature sensor, ensuring maximum energy efficiency. Setting aside its acoustic and thermal capabilities the UCoustic 9210 cab is a complete all round communications cabinet, addressing both active and passive equipment in equal measure. Accommodating all main server brands e.g. IBM, HP, Dell, Sun, Viglan, etc., plus as importantly dealing with the infrastructure cabling and patch cabling. Active & Passive Specification
  • Passive wardrobe front doors (front and rear on passive model)
  • Active rear doors c/w fan speed controller and temperature sensor (Active model only)
  • 780w x 1100d Frame
  • 19" Mounting Angles fitted front and rear
  • Front and rear infill's
  • Size times cable entry points via removable gland plates, three top & three bottom
  • One cable entry acoustic system
  • Load bearing castors
  • All cladding is easily removable
Passive Specification
  • Dust ingress protection
  • Plinth
  • Floor load spreader
  • Additional cable entry acoustic systems
  • Baying system
  • Air vent system
  • Acoustic blanking panels
  • Cable tray
  • Cable trunking
  • Side venting system (used on any side venting equipment e.g. Cisco etc.)
  • PC Tower infill
  • Executive wood clad cabinet
    UCoustic Ducting Kit

    UCoustic Ducting Kit

    Enables hot exhaust air to be directed outside of room or building, thereby protecting the ambient room temperature.
    • Save money, energy and power consumption on existing room air conditioning
    • Divert and recycle waste hot air preventing free heating to other rooms
    • Helps prevent hardware and software failures
    • Helps prevent any unnecessary downtime
    • Access to rear of cabinet and door opening is not affected when the ducting kit is utilised
    • Retrofitable to the 24U and 42U UCoustic 9210 active cabinet
    • Can be directed to exhaust through wall, window or ceiling plenum
    UCoustic ducting kit comprises
    • 1 x 9210 retrofit ventilation interface
    • 2 x interface clips
    • 2 x 150mm x 5m aluminium flexible hose
    Cabinets TBA

    Cabinets TBA

    UCoustic Accessories

    UCoustic Accessories