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Coldlogik Next Gen Cooling

Coldlogik Next Gen Cooling
The ColdLogik Cabinet is ever evolving and developing new technology. To keep abreast of these latest developments, visit our website. Data centres are the power house of today's global economy, without modern computing power applied to all facets of today's advanced economies, the quality of life would be very different. However great the benefits, there is one unfortunate fact that today's data centres are highly inefficient, in their use of energy and their subsequent effect on the global climate. ColdLogik replaces the traditional approach to data centre cooling, allowing loads of up to 45kW per cabinet with the added benefit of removing real estate problems inherent with hot aisle and aisle containment designs. The waste heat generated by equipment within the cabinet is removed at source by water cooling, without the risk of leakage in the data centre by the use of the leak prevention system. ColdLogik allows cooling water temperatures to rise from the traditional 6?C to between 14?C & 21?C: reducing chiller size and energy costs and increasing the availability of energy efficient 'free cooling'. The ColdLogik Management System 'CMS' allows the doors to operate individually or as a system to maintain the room at the correct temperature even with external heat loads and eliminates the risk of condensation. COLDLOGIK Perfect Climate Perfect Control
  • Reduction in Carbon footprint - "ColdLogik is able to help companies to meet their carbon emission targets"
  • Energy saving - "With a potential of 93% energy savings ColdLogik delivers direct to bottom line"
  • A Potential Power Usage Effectiveness 'PUE' rating of 1.02 (excluding all other services) - "When used with natural resources ColdLogik can deliver 10 kilowatts of cooling per cabinet and still achieve a PUE rating of 1.02 - which equates to massive energy savings"
  • Low and high density cooling 45 kilowatts per 600 wide cabinet - 'Sensible cooling' - "An impressive 45 kilowatts per rack heat removal from an idustry standard 600mm wide cabinet - using sensible cooling only"
  • Retrofit CL20 coolers to existing Cabinets - "Retrofit capability to exisiting data centre cabinets, no need to build a brand new facility"
  • Leak Prevention System 'LPS' - "Providing a safe a secure environment for the data centre the Leak Prevention System is only available from USystems"
  • Low capital expenditure - "A ColdLogik solution can cost less than a traditional data centre design"
  • Will suit any climatic or environmental conditions - "ColdLogik can be tailor made to suit any climatic or environmental conditions anywhere in the world"
  • Elimination of hot spots - "ColdLogik prevents air re-circulation, ensures no heat build up within the cabinet & stops high heat loads from entering the computer room"
  • Built in redundancy - "When specified correctly ColdLogik provides peace of mind"
  • Condensate free operation - "By operating at a higher water temperature ColdLogik ensures there is no condensation on the coil or pipework"
  • Modular - Scalable - Rapid - "ColdLogik is modular by design, scalable as a solution and can be rapidly rolled out"
Ordering information

Ordering information