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Lansense & EMAC Products

Lansense & EMAC Products
Lansense EMAC Products

Lansense EMAC Products

Aggregation of configuration information across data centre equipment, for intelligent monitoring and alarm processing, provides ?real time? identification of changes, scheduled polling and the ability to capture detailed data to produce highly sophisticated and graphical management information reports, enabling clients to perform trend analysis and risk management for mission critical services. Status information can be gathered either locally or remotely via secure authenticated IP access (LDAP) monitoring RMS volts, amps, kVA, kWh, power factor and frequency. To optimise both power consumption and energy use, our intelligent offerings make it possible to meter actual power usage and produce trend data for any single or group of physical systems, enabling:
  • Adequate capacity for existing & future needs
  • Monitoring, measuring & reporting of power usage via multiple clients
  • Billing stream capability for hosted clients
  • Prevention of unauthorised use of power outlets / equipment deployment
  • System load management (phase balancing, capacity planning etc)
  • Recovery of locked servers via remote IP power cycling
  • Alarming & trending of system, rack, powerstrip and outlet level overload conditions.
Lansense Products

Lansense Products

LANsense is Nexans Intelligent Infrastructure Management (IIM) solution. It is an internet enabled hardware and software package which can automatically discover and monitor network connectivity in real-time, to ensure network connections are secure and that connectivity documentation is always 100% accurate. LANsense is vendor independent and can be retrofitted to existing systems.


  • Increased Security
  • Cost effective change control and management
  • Reduced downtime
  • Asset Management
  • Remote site monitoring
  • The ability to integrate, control, and manage building management services (Access Control, intruder systems, CCTV, HVAC etc)