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RapidNet Keyed LC

RapidNet Keyed LC

RapidNet Keyed LC

The use of colour coded and differently keyed connectors and adapters in an optical network can aid the segregation or identification of parts, or paths, within a network infrastructure. In addition, the use of keyed connectors can help to reduce the risk of accidential or malicious network access, particularly in shared access areas or in secure hierarchical environments such as government, military or research facilities.

Segregated Shared Access Networks

Within co-location and multi-client sites, keyed connectivity can be used to dedicate circuits or services. Alternatively, the use of the colour coding can be used to identify and segregate locations such as zones, halls, PODs and cages. Diverse routing paths can also be identified and managed with the use of colour coded keyed connectivity.

Manage Secure Hierarchical Environments

It is common for government security, defence or financial organisations to maintain networks with varying levels of security classification within shared facilities. The use of keyed LC connectors and adapters within the network infrastructure can help to maintain security and prevent unauthorised or accidential network access.

Maintain Network Security

Many networks contain highly sensitive or classified infiormation including financial, personal and product development data while others contain details from applications such as Digital Video Recording, security tags and biometrics. For these networks, maintaining the network integrity and security is the highest importance. Use of differently keyed connectors and matching adaptors helps prevent access to a channel and ensures the security of the application and information.